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(Happy) Sales Energy Group

You’re responsible for driving revenue.  Others depend heavily on the work you do – both at work and home.  You’re carrying a load of responsibility.  With that comes fulfillment and reward, sure.  But there’s also stress, and the feeling that there’s got to be more to life than the grind!

If this sounds like you, then the (Happy) Sales Energy Group is for you!  You and others in this group of happiness-focused business development professionals want

  • Financial security
  • To honor your commitment to support your family and prepare for the future
  • To have fun and be happy

If you’re like many, you may feel alone without a lot of support from the company.  You may recognize that you have trouble focusing on what’s important.  You may feel like you’re constantly having to prove yourself to others.  You may sometimes even worry about whether you really have what it takes to be successful.  All totally normal stuff!  You know that you have it in you to BE AWESOME and are ready to take a positive step forward!

The (Happy) Sales Energy Group is a 4-month program for people who carry revenue responsibility and want to bring their life and career to the next level.  Through an intensive process of self-discovery and personal mastery, you’ll get:

  • Help with focus on priorities
  • Help with time management
  • Help with self-confidence
  • Help with networking
  • Group support
  • Mentoring
  • Accountability
  • Motivation!

You’ll leave with a new set of beliefs, and an action plan for building a happy, kick-ass professional and personal life.  You'll have also built connections to a tight-knit group of professionals just like you who are taking charge of their life.

Here’s what the program includes: