We work with sales and marketing professionals who want to feel fulfilled so they can manage stress, build thriving businesses and create successful, happy lives

By working with individuals and teams to “find their sweet spot,” we work together to set and achieve meaningful goals, identify and then obliterate the beliefs, assumptions and behaviors that are blocking progress towards those goals.   

We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.
— Anonymous

We work with people who have enough experience to know how the world works, yet are “stuck” or moving more slowly than they want towards achieving their dreams, either at work or in their life outside of work.  They may be facing:

  • A desire to bring even more energy to a career already in high gear

  • A desire to explore new opportunities

  • A potential move into management

  • Organizational challenges

  • Career or role transitions

  • Questions about balance in their life

  • Challenging relationships at work or home