Peter Colgan, Principal

After a successful 30-year career in medical device marketing, Pete founded Center Coaching to help sales and marketing executives achieve professional success through personal transformation. After a life-changing trip to Nepal, Pete developed a deep understanding of how happiness can thrive under the most challenging situations. His work there with the Sherpa people provided the inspiration for his Namaste™ Transformation Process, a 4- 6-month program that helps people find “Perfection through Connection.” After his clients discover how they are already connected to everything that they need, professional success comes easily. Pete’s view is that happiness is the ultimate currency by which we measure success, not just wealth. His approach to helping his clients grow revenue frequently builds on the “inner work” that helps them understand what truly inspires and motivates them.

Pete has carried the sales bag, and has supported sales reps in the field for his entire career. He understands what makes sales reps tick and how to create marketing strategies that will bring them business opportunities to close. More importantly, though, Pete is a happy guy. He practices what he preaches. He’s drunk the Kool-Aid!

I believe that the purpose of life is to be happy.
— Tenzin Gyatso; The Fourteenth Dalai Lama

His personal branding market research revealed the following primary core brand personas: “Truth-teller,” “Expert,” “Optimist” and “Judge.” Pete is objective. He's empathetic, yet able to talk straight without hurting your feelings. He is smart, and immensely respectful of the uniqueness and validity of every person's journey and where they are in life. He brings a steady, optimistic, centered demeanor to every situation. He finds humor easily, and has a gentle way that allows him to resolve conflict and find "the middle way" in challenging situations. He has maintained a meditation practice for over 40 years. 

Pete has an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. The value that he brings to coaching comes not from education, but from his heart and a 30-year career working with sales, marketing and product development engineering teams to bring lifesaving medical products to market. Pete is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner through iPEC, a premier provider of coach training. He is also certified through the International Coach Federation. If you engage him, you'll find that he'll be working on his own journey as much as he is helping you with yours.

You can check out his LinkedIn profile here if you'd like to see the specifics of Pete's background. You'll see that Pete is also in the senior care business, helping successful corporate executives find profitable, meaningful work without the burdens of corporate politics by creating and building their own franchised Assisting Hands Home Care business. You can learn more about that here.