“Namaste” is a common greeting in Nepal, India and yoga class. Although used as a casual greeting many times a day, it is way more than a pleasantry.  It translates to something like, “The spirit in me is the same as the spirit in you.  We are connected.”  Awareness of our connections with one another increases leadership effectiveness, success in selling ideas and products, and overall satisfaction. Learning to understand, feed, trust and celebrate your connection to others and your inner wisdom is massively empowering!

I feel so strongly about the value of this understanding that I’ve named the process we use the NAMASTE™ Transformation Process.  As you work through it, you’ll become aware of the reasons why you’ve had trouble making changes in the past, why reaching your goals has been tough, and why you may not be happy with the way things have been going at work, at home, or in your relationships. At the end of the process, you’ll be aware of your own perfection.  Yup – that’s for real!  You’ll understand how your thoughts – “head trash” – have convinced you to settle for sub-optimal results. You’ll see the world and our 7 billion roommates as sources of opportunity and inspiration.  You’ll be living according to a new set of beliefs about yourself and on the way to creating a happy, kick-ass life!

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