(Happy) Sales Energy Group

Thank you for your interest in the (Happy) Sales Energy Group!  You’re about to embark on a one-way trip to AWESOME!  As you’ve already learned, we are offering the program as a Mastermind group.  The process we’ll go through involves both teaching/learning, with me as your coach, as well as sharing and support from everyone in the group.  Because the success of the group depends heavily on what each and every member is willing and able to contribute, participation requires an application.  We want to make sure that the group is right for you and that you are right for the group. The first five people who take the time to apply will receive a complimentary 50-minute coaching session.

You and others in this group of happiness-focused business development professionals are likely striving 

  • For confidence
  • For financial security
  • To support your family and prepare for the future
  • To be happy

The (Happy) Sales Energy Group is a 4-month program for people who carry revenue responsibility and want to bring their life and career to the next level.  Through an intensive process of self-discovery and personal mastery, you’ll get:

  • Help with focus on priorities
  • Help with time management
  • Help with self-confidence
  •  Group support
  • Accountability
  • Motivation!

You’ll leave with a new set of beliefs, and an action plan for building a happy, kick-ass professional and personal life.  You'll have also built connections to a tight-knit group of professionals just like you who are taking charge of their life.

The value of high-caliber Mastermind groups like this often exceeds $12,000.  Individual coaching support on this scale at Center Coaching would require an investment of $4,250.  In this group format, though, we are able to offer all of the benefits described above for $1,495.  Not only an excellent value, a group format also enables us to harness our collective experience in a way not even possible with individualized coaching.

Your place will be reserved when you submit your application and $295 fully-refundable deposit. The first 5 to apply will also have the benefit of a complimentary 50-minute coaching session.


Our targeted start date will be in December, 2017.  Web conferencing will be used to bring us together.  Specific dates and times will be determined by the group’s availability and preference.

Thank you for considering this bold step forward.  I congratulate you for your courage and willingness to look at life a whole new way! 


PS:  Check out these bonuses!

Bonus 1:  Free copy of Energy Leadership for first 5 who enroll

Bonus 2:  20% discount if you refer a friend ($1,195)

Bonus 3: First 5 to apply receive a complimentary coaching session