Happiness Habits

Pete gets to the point quickly in this 20-60 minute talk designed to leave your audience with a menu of simple things they can do starting today to rewire their brain for positivity. Before sharing these simple techniques, he'll explain the brain science that explains why this stuff really works!

Happy People Sell More and Make Better Leaders Workshop

This customizable workshop expands on the ideas in Pete's "Happiness Habits" talk and makes them directly relevant to those in sales, marketing and executive leadership roles. The paradigm that success leads to happiness is old news! Pete shares neuroscience and positive psychology research underscoring why individuals, teams and companies deliver superior results when they're first primed for positivity.  Participants leave with a personalized action plan for creating and living a "Happiness leads to Success" leadership mindset.

Sure you're killing it at work, but are you happy?

The message of this talk is simple: "How you show up determines your potential." Designed to clarify, inspire and push participants out of their comfort zone, Pete describes the Energy Leadership™ approach to life and how applying it professionally and personally enables you to create the wealth, leadership ability, relationships and happiness that you and everyone deserve. Created initially for Product Managers and delivered at Product Camp Boston 2016, Pete will tailor the message for relevance to professionals in the sales, marketing, engineering and executive management.