I believe...

                    ...that vibrant communities comprised of young people who are intentionally creating the best version of themselves will lift us all closer to a world of peace and prosperity. Inspired by that and in collaboration with a team of young professionals, we are excited to be offering the Miracle Mastermind program. It's designed for rising professionals who can relate to some of the following thoughts:

  • I want to create a life I love!
  • I’m doing well – but want to do incredibly well.
  • I want to be happy now.  
  • I can’t decide what I want. Too many choices!
  • I sometimes feel like I could use some support.
  • I’m feeling stuck and am just not getting stuff done to move forward.
  • I’m not going to settle for soul-sucking work.

What’s a Mastermind group?

The term was first coined in Napoleon Hill’s 1937 landmark book Think and Grow Rich. He discovered that a consistent trait of financially successful people was that they intentionally surrounded themselves with a group of people with whom they could honestly explore ideas and collectively solve problems. Ours will have similar goals, and will be comprised of 6-10 people who meet every other week for 4 months. Through that shared experience, we will create a community that could continue indefinitely.

How Will It Work?

Pete will guide the group through his proven Namaste™ transformation process. By joining, you'll also get support from the diverse experience of your fellow group members to help you with the specific goals you're targeting. The experience will also include an optional Energy Leadership Index assessment and a one-on-one coaching session (at an additional cost) with Pete.

How will things be when I "graduate?"

  • I have a “Life Plan” built around deep self-awareness and connection to purpose.
  • I have a new, empowering way of viewing the world.
  • I'm part of a stronger community because I’ve helped those around me succeed.
  • I've developed new habits, discipline and accountability.
  • I have a group of friends to help me stay on track, connect with opportunity, and stay accountable.
  • I'm filled with confidence, peace and realistic energy.