Miracle Mastermind Group

Thank you for your interest in the Miracle Mastermind Group!  You’re about to embark on a one-way trip to AWESOME!  As you’ve already learned, we are offering the program as a Mastermind group.  The process we’ll go through involves both teaching/learning, with me as your coach, as well as sharing and support from everyone in the group.  Because the success of the group depends heavily on what each and every member is willing and able to contribute, participation requires an application.  We want to make sure that the group is right for you and that you are right for the group. The first three people who take the time to apply will also receive a complimentary 50-minute coaching session.


What will you and others in this group of happiness-focused rising professionals  be able to say this after completing the program?

  • I have a “Life Plan” built around deep self-awareness and connection to purpose.
  • I have a new, empowering way of viewing the world
  • I'm part of a stronger community because I’ve helped those around me succeed.
  • I've developed new habits, discipline and accountability.
  • I have a group of friends to help me stay on track, connect with opportunity, and stay accountable.
  • I'm filled with confidence, peace and realistic energy.

As you work through the NAMASTE™ Transformation Process, what will you have achieved?

  • Awareness   of what drives me
  • Insight   into how I’m showing up – at work and in life
  • Clarity   about my goals – as a professional and a person
  • Confidence   because I have a plan  
  • Acceptance   of where I am
  • Trust   in the process of becoming awesome
  • Certainty   that I can achieve anything!



Most Mastermind Group programs like this are only available to highly-compensated professionals, and can cost in excess of $12,000. This is the only program I know of in the area that's designed for people at the front end of their earning career. If you choose not to participate, your ability to pay will not be why! 

That said, individual coaching support on this scale at Center Coaching would require an investment of $4,300.  In this group format, though, we are choosing to offer all of the benefits described above for $390.  It's not only an excellent value. The group format also enables us to harness our collective experience in a way not even possible with individualized coaching. 

If financial hardship puts this out of reach, we are offering scholarship support. Scholarships will carry with them a community service, "Pay it Forward" commitment. Everyone will win if you choose this option. If you require scholarship support, contact us directly and do not apply through the Bedford Recreation Dept.

Your place will be reserved when you submit your application. The first 3 to apply will also have the benefit of a complimentary 50-minute coaching session.


Our start date will be April 10, 2018.  Register through the Bedford, MA Recreation Dept.

Thank you for considering this bold step forward!  I congratulate you for your courage and willingness to look at life a whole new way! 


PS:  Check out these bonuses!

Bonus 1:  Free copy of Energy Leadership for first 5 who enroll

Bonus 2: First 3 to apply receive a complimentary coaching session