Work/Life Balance is a Myth

An extraordinary life is a counterbalancing act.png

Looking for balance between your professional and personal life? Here's a suggestion: STOP! 

Balance implies everything being equal. Mediocrity. Good enough. If you want to grow, you need to push your limits. That requires focus. Balance is a great way to keep things the same. Stagnant. Growth requires disproportionate effort.

Want to work on your your family relationships? Then give them focus. Be fully present with your family for however long it takes to create that. Don't sit together on the couch while doing emails on your phone. Go big, focus, and be all-in. Then shift your balance to work. Be there, in the zone, fully immersed in whatever you do professionally. Earn your money. Kick ass, make plans to compensate for your temporary absence from the rest of your life and stay late. Git 'er done!

As Jerry Keller reminds us in "The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results," a well-played life results from deft, determined shifts in our focus from one area to another. In any given moment, you can only do one thing. Do it well. Get off balance and learn to live with that discomfort. Then jump to the next one thing -- and give it your all!