Happiness is...

Happiness is the joy we feel when aware that we’re becoming our best self. Says the Dalai Lama, "The purpose of life is to be happy." Enlightenment brings the end of suffering. It happens as you awaken to recognize perfection. That the ego is a myth. That "we" are all the same thing. That love is all there is. That there are no words for this, so why try to explain?

The happiness journey is a journey towards authenticity and the peace and fulfillment that it allows. It all begins with the questions, "Who am I?" and "What does my 'best self' look like?" The clarity that results enables ease in what we do, and the paring away of those things that waste our energy. Will you walk with me?

Pete Colgan works with sales and marketing professionals who want fulfillment so they can manage stress, build thriving business and create successful, happy lives. Consider investing in yourself to truly understand what brings you joy and how you can use that awareness to increase revenue and kick your life and career into high gear. Whether through one-on-one coaching, or a cost-effective group coaching program, what you discover will help the work you do feel effortless! Click here to learn more.